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Training In Your Home

Northwest Dog Training provides lasting solutions to any training or behavioural problems you may be experiencing with your dog. Like us, dog learn best in a familiar environment in which they feel completely relaxed and comfortable. All consultations are therefore carried out in your own home at a time that suits you and your family

Dogs communicate with each other using a combination of body language and vocal tones. They are also pack animals where having clear rules and boundaries are extremely important to them. As humans we are very different species from our four legged friends and we speak very different languages. Our dogs can only interpret human behaviour in a dog way and it is this misunderstanding that is very often behind behavioural/training problems.

I will teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog in a way they understand through a combination of body language, voice tones, timing and sequence. By communicating effectively with your dog and by using the additional kind, gentle and dog-friendly techniques that I will show you, you will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to fix your dogs problems.

I have lost count of the number of cases I have worked on where years and years of really challenging behaviour is fixed within an hour or two of working with a client and their dog ...and I never tire of seeing the smile that puts on my clients faces!!!

If you are looking for fast, long lasting results then please get in touch today.