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Separation Anxiety

The causes of separation anxiety in dogs can be varied but the results of it can be very upsetting for owners of dogs who suffer from it. Separation Anxiety can result in destructive behaviour, inappropriate toileting and conflicts with neighbours caused by excessive barking and howling etc. Besides that however, it can simply be very upsetting for owners to see their dogs getting so distressed at being left on their own. This can often lead to owners having to compromise their lifestyle in order to make sure their dog left alone as little as possible.

As with most dog training and behavioural therapy, the key to fixing the problem is finding the root cause behind it. By talking the time to do this with you, I will be able to put in place a programme of rehabilitation for you to put in place which over a relatively short period of time will fix your dogs Separation Anxiety and allow him or her to be able to spend periods of time alone, happy and relaxed. Fixing Separation Anxiety can sometimes be a bit of journey but I will be with you every step of the way.