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Pulling on the Lead

When we are looking to get a dog we probably all have a mental picture of nice pleasant walks with our four legged friends. Very often the reality can be very different as you’re pulled around your neighbourhood with your arms nearly coming out of their sockets. Your dog is half choking itself and you just cant wait until you can get back home so that the ordeal of walking your dog can be over....until the next walk!!

Regardless of the sheer pleasure of walking a dog on a perfectly loose lead, there is good behavioural reasons why we should have our dogs walking nicely behind us when they are on the lead. If your dog simply refuses to walk behind you, ask yourself who is the leader and who is the follower in you and your dog’s relationship.

I will quickly show you how to stop your dog pulling on the lead and how to walk your dog on a perfectly loose lead BEHIND YOU! You’ll be enjoying walking your dog in no time.