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Poor Recall and Livestock Chasing

Your dog may think that running off to chase livestock is a great game but the consequences can be devastating. A dog that worries, attacks or chases livestock is breaking the law and as an owner you could be in line to receive a fine, be liable for compensation or end up with your dog being shot by a farmer who can legally shoot a dog worrying livestock on their land.

We all want to see our dogs having fun, running around and enjoying some freedom off the lead in appropriate places. In order to do this safely (and without our hearts being constantly in our mouths), we need to know that our dogs will come back when called (recall), we can stop them chasing anything and that we can keep our dogs safe and away from potentially dangerous situations.

I will show you, without the need to carry treats or half a chicken in your pocket, how to gain complete control of your dog around all sorts of distractions so that you can have complete confidence that he/she will be listening to you, waiting for your instructions and will come back  to you when called EVERY time.