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About Me

My name is Rick Watt and I am a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist with over 14 years practical experience. I have successfully worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners on a vast range of behavioural and training issues.

I like to keep the training as simple and straight forward as I can and try and make it as fun and enjoyable for my clients (both two and four legged!!) as possible.

My priority is to always identify and fix the CAUSE of the training and behavioral problems, rather than to simply work on the symptoms. I hugely enjoy the proffessional challenge this brings but also the fact that it results in fast, effective and long lasting solutions to my client's problems.

I don’t train dogs for any kind of protection work, agility, fly-ball etc. Instead I concentrate on helping my clients develop a happy relationship with a dog you can take anywhere, do anything with, be truly proud of and most importantly ENJOY!!.

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