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Pulling on The Lead - Mind Over Muscle

Walking our dogs should be fun and enjoyable yet for many people I see it is far from that. If your dog pulls on the lead it can turn walks into an uncomfortable nightmare and even end up causing injury. I have seen many clients over the years who have ended up in A&E as a result of their "over enthusiastic" four legged friend.

When i first visit clients and ask them what they use to walk their dog, they often root around in the cupboard and pull out an impressive range of different collars, leads, harnesses, head collars and other contraptions that they have purchased in a vain attempt to strike gold and fi

Where's the snow??

What a character this handsome chap is. Loved working with him and his family last week!

How Could You Resist A Face Like This.....

I had the great pleasure of working with this fantastic little chap today. What a star!!